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Welcome to Beacon Falls Public Library

Welcome to the Beacon Falls Public Library, where you can find all the books and resources you need. Our library has a vast collection of books, and online resources that cater to all ages and interests. Take advantage of our amazing events such as arts, crafts, author readings, book clubs, educational workshops, and so much more. Come visit us today and discover what we have to offer!

Children's Section

Reading Together

Our library has a dedicated section for children where they can find a wide selection of books, magazines, and educational materials. We encourage young readers to explore our collection and develop their love for reading. We also organize various activities such as storytime, arts and crafts, and puppet shows to make learning fun and engaging.

Adult Section

Our library has a vast collection of books, magazines, and online resources that cater to the interests and needs of adults. We offer a range of genres such as fiction, non-fiction, biography, and more. Our library also organizes various events such as author readings, book clubs, and educational workshops to engage and inspire our adult readers.

Material and Program Fee Agreement

The payment agreement is made by the library and the patron.

Payment: The patron must pay for the material fees or program fee in accordance with the libraries specified due date and amount unless arrangements are made with a member of the library staff. Full payment for program fees must be paid on or before the due date. If the patron has registered and the library has not received full payment by the specified due date their spot for the activity will be cancelled. If a patron does not contact the library notifying a staff member that they are unable to attend an activity they have paid for, the fee will not be refunded by the library unless an agreement is made prior to the event.

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